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Justina Turns 16 On Saturday! Fax Governor Patrick And Key Leaders and Urge Them To "SEND JUSTINA HOME FOR HER 16TH BIRTHDAY"! 

Justina Pelletier turns 16 in just five days. No young girl should be forced to spend her "Sweet Sixteen" birthday as a ward of the state, away from her home!

The fact is, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) could take action TODAY and send Justina home! They have the power to end this nightmare and let Justina spend her 16th birthday at home with her family.

Best 16th Birthday Present For Justina: Home!

Liberty Counsel's Fax Barrage system will deliver a powerful message from you to Massachusetts and Connecticut executives and lawmakers on the state and federal levels demanding the release of Justina to her family. For your gift of $20, your no-holds-barred message will be delivered to the governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut, the attorneys general, and lawmakers of both states. Please join us in this important initiative today.

Justina turns 16 on May 24! This is the best “gift” we can give to Justina and her family. Please send your faxes today!

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Fax your two Senators, your Representative, the Governors and Attorneys General of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and 13 Massachusetts lawmakers. (20 faxes in all).

All of the above PLUS every member of Congress from Massachusetts and Connecticut and additional lawmakers from both parties in Massachusetts and Connecticut (45 total)

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