ACLU's 2017 War Chest EXPLODES!

Help Liberty Counsel Fight Against The ACLU And Their Massive Anti-Faith War Chest!

The ACLU recently announced a "7-Point Plan Of Action" organized around a radical anti-life, anti-marriage, and anti-family agenda. This new Plan Of Action is backed by a massive $80 MILLION post-election war chest and a commitment from the ACLU's executive director to "litigate everything that we possibly can."

We need your help to Fight Back!

Liberty Counsel is one of the leading voices for life, liberty, and family that is fighting head-to-head against the ACLU in courtrooms across the country. But the ACLU's new influx of $80 million in funding threatens to overwhelm our ability to respond to every threat. That's why Liberty Counsel is seeking $250,000 in Emergency Funding from our online team during these first 100 Days so we can stand against the ACLU and continue other efforts.

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We are fighting a "two-front" war against an emboldened ACLU and other anti-faith groups. Liberty Counsel must raise $250,000 in these first 100 days to keep us on track in this fight. Please help today!

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