URGENT: Liberty Counsel Action is calling on senators to defeat the amendment to delay the Trump administration's ban on transgender service in the military!

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a motion to allow the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to proceed. The NDAA funds our military into 2018.

Now New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins have sponsored an amendment to the NDAA that would delay the Trump administration's ban on transgender people enlisting in the military.

Liberty Counsel Action supports the Trump administration's decision. The military is no place for radical social agendas. The singular purpose of the military is for defense!

Time is of the essence...

Our Capitol Hill sources say a vote on the amendment could happen any day!

Utilizing Liberty Counsel Action's Fax Barrage system, you can immediately reach key senators - including your two senators – with crucial messages urging them to defeat the Gillibrand and Collins amendment!

Simply complete the form below to schedule your faxes. If you prefer to send your own faxes, click here for all the contact information. You can use the sample copy provided for you or modify it to your liking.

NOTE: Your faxes will begin immediately! Please schedule your faxes today and take part in this crucially important Fax Barrage to demand that the Senate defeat the ill-advised pro-transgender amendment.

Fax your two senators and Republican members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. (19 in all)

All of the above plus the Democrat members of the Senate Armed Service Committee and other senators. (50 in all)

BEST VALUE - Fax all of Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus all other members of the Senate. (100 in all)

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