Help Stop Facebook's and Silicon Valley's Censorship of Conservative Values!

Facebook is among the latest Silicon Valley organizations to censor and discredit conservative organizations and people.

We are calling for immediate congressional action! Over the next two days, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears before Congress to testify over his company's enormous data mining breach.

We are calling on lawmakers to seize the opportunity to also challenge Zuckerberg over Facebook's censorship and mislabeling of conservative values and ideologies!

Mark Zuckerberg must be held accountable for his betrayal of tens of millions of Facebook customers!

Imperative: Take Action Today!

Use Liberty Counsel Action's Powerful Fax Barrage to Fax Key Lawmakers Now!

Liberty Counsel Action's Fax Barrage strategy has been extremely effective in getting your voice and the voices of tens of thousands of other Americans to our representatives!

In appreciation of your gift of $25, we will target your faxed message to members of the three investigating congressional committees meeting with Mark Zuckerberg today and tomorrow, and include your two Senators; and your Representative (18 in all).

Other options for an even greater impact are also available.

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NOTE: Your faxes will begin immediately! Please schedule your faxes today and take part in this crucially important Fax Barrage calling for a thorough congressional investigation into this abuse of personal data!

Fax your Representative, your two Senaturs, and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. (up to 24 faxes in all)

Greater Value: Fax all of the above, plus members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transporation (up to 47 faxes in all)

Best Value! Fax all of the above, plus remaining members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce (up to 102 in all)

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