America is now under siege… from forces within our own country! And the lynchpin of this "siege" strategy involves undermining, destroying, and ultimately impeaching President Trump. But it's not just the President who is under attack. Anyone who dares to stand for President Trump's pro-faith and pro-family policies is now in the crosshairs of an emboldened, well-funded, and extremely powerful anti-faith juggernaut.

Our plan to turn back this "siege" on our liberties...

In response to this unprecedented siege, Liberty Counsel is launching "America Under Siege" — a strategic initiative designed to mobilize critical resources in defense of America's core institutions and liberties and to safeguard our right to vote during this critical election year.


Please add your name to this important "I'm Standing For America" statement to show your willingness to stand and fight back against these attacks on our nation.

I'm signing this important "I'm Standing For America" Statement Of Solidarity, indicating that I'm joining with citizens from across the nation to fight back against the outrageous "siege" that is now underway against President Trump and anyone who dares to stand for his pro-faith and pro-family agenda.

Never-Trump and anti-faith activists are on a mission to destroy President Trump and bully pro-faith and pro-family groups into silence. I'm signing this statement to say I will NOT be silenced, and I will NOT allow these activists to dictate the agenda and bully those who stand for faith, family, life, and liberty.

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