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Help Liberty Counsel defend our society against the radical, well-funded pro-homosexual movement – and to defend natural marriage as defined in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)!

Operating with the support and endorsement of the Obama administration, the LGBT movement has sparked a dramatic increase in pro-homosexual initiatives being enacted on the state and federal levels, in public and private workplaces, and in our military.

 President Obama and his Administration have created a tidal wave of anti-marriage litigation rising in courts across the nation and have emboldened radicals to force their will on the majority of Americans who oppose granting special “rights” to homosexuals.

Now the President is taking his pro-homosexual activism to the international stage! 

Liberty Counsel MUST be able to answer the call to defend the sanctity of marriage and the embattled moral foundations of our society!

For your gift of $30 or more, we will send you a free copy of the book the ultraliberal, anti-marriage ACLU says you should not read!

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Only One Mommy: A Woman's Battle for Her Life, Her Daughter, and Her Freedom: The Lisa Miller Story
By Rena M. Lindevaldsen, Esq.

This Important New Book Will Equip You to Help Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attractions as it Exposes the Disturbing Truth about the Pro-Homosexual Agenda!
Is sexual orientation a matter of choice? Shouldn't two people who love each other be able to marry, regardless of their sex? What are they teaching our kids in schools concerning sexuality? When a same-sex couple breaks up, why shouldn't the partner be given visitation or custody rights? How do I relate to someone who's involved in a same-sex relationship?

The answers to these and many other vital questions are contained in this insightful, 148-page, fully annotated new book.

Written through the lens of Lisa Miller's journey into and out of homosexuality, including her seven-year custody battle to retain custody of her biological child, Only One Mommy sheds light
into what "causes" someone to get involved in homosexuality, encourages churches to reach out to those struggling with same-sex attractions, and exposes the pervasive homosexual agenda that is working to radically change our culture and silence all those who oppose them.

When you support Liberty Counsel’s fight against the radical, highly-mobilized, well-funded pro-homosexual movement – and to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act – with a gift of $30 or more, you can receive a free copy of Only One Mommy to arm yourself against the deception and destruction of the pro-homosexual agenda!  

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