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Christian Educators in Santa Rosa County Fight Back Against the ACLU


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The Issue:
On every front (from the Boy Scouts, to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Ten Commandments, Prayer in School, and more), attacks against our religious heritage and our rights to publicly acknowledge God are the work of the ACLU and its radical, anti-God, anti-religion, anti-American agenda. Liberty Counsel, one of the nation'
s foremost public interest legal firms, is committed to defending traditional values and restoring our precious religious heritage.

We are committed to fighting the ACLU—exposing their agenda and defeating them in courtrooms across the land.

We Can Defeat The ACLU
The time has come to turn back the ACLU'
s attacks. As never before, there is reason for optimism that the battle can be won! As Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, has stated, “The tide is turning against the ACLU'
s war on religious freedom in America. The courts and history are working against [them].” With Liberty Counsel winning in the courts, we believe the time is right to expose this radical, un-American organization for what it is, once and for all.

Urgent Issue: ACLU bullies attacking public school teachers and students again!
Principal Lay and Athletic Director Freeman are scheduled to go on trial in federal court on CRIMINAL charges this September 17. If convicted, they could be fined or jailed. And they have been notified that if they are convicted, their retirement benefits are in jeopardy! Michelle Winkler's ordeal in federal court will take place even earlier. Time is of the essence -- please help now! 

The Petition States:

As a concerned citizen, I stand against the ACLU'
s radical agenda that undermines our nation'
s traditional values and rich heritage of religious liberty. The ACLU does not speak for me and does not share my views. I am joining with citizens across the nation in protest of ACLU policies and actions designed to censor and marginalize religious expression, the public acknowledgment of God, and this nation'
s commonly held views on faith and freedom.

I am standing with Liberty Counsel to challenge and defeat the ACLU in courtrooms across the nation. I authorize Liberty Counsel to represent my viewpoint in petitions, official court briefs, judicial memoranda, and other documents on cases involving the ACLU and their shameless attacks on our religious liberties and traditional values.

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