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Urgent Petition to President George W. Bush:
Mr. President, Secure Our Borders!

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The Issue
It is no longer possible to ignore the clear and present danger: Our current immigration policy presents a serious threat to America's heritage and moral values.
While America has always welcomed refugees, the Founders believed in the principle of E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). The many nationalities immigrating to America have always been expected to meld into one nation with shared values and beliefs. Special Interview on Immigration Crisis

Today, there are more than 12 million illegal aliens living in the United States. If granted citizenship without assimilation, these aliens will totally upset the balance of power and seriously weaken our moral and religious foundations.

Liberty Counsel wants to deliver at least 100,000 petitions to the President of the United States urging him to defend our heritage and moral values by advancing immigration reform measures that emphasize the need for shared values and beliefs.

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The Petition States:

Mr. President, as a concerned citizen I am convinced that our future security, along with the religious and moral foundation of America, depends on a sound immigration policy!
Therefore, I insist that the following key points be contained in any "immigration reform" policy advanced by the White House:

First, we must secure our borders. The borders must be controlled physically and administratively, both in terms of immigration and national defense policy.

Second, we must not make amnesty part of the national policy. We must straightforwardly address the current illegal population living in the United States and we must enforce the existing laws. This also means putting a stop to illegal immigration and enforcing the law against those who hire illegal aliens.

Third, we must strengthen our efforts to properly assimilate immigrant populations. Training in commonly held American values and principles is absolutely vital.

I call on you to perform your sworn duty as President of the United States to defend and protect our people from foreign threats, including the devastating effects of uncontrolled and/or unprincipled immigration policy.  

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