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Emergency Petition To Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tell California's Governor To Oppose Hostile Attacks Against Pro-Marriage Advocates!

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  Total signers: 19,951

Following California'
s statewide vote affirming one-man, one-woman marriage, radical homosexual activists have resorted to hostile protests against churches and pro-marriage advocates. These attacks pose a threat to safety and civility across the nation.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has done nothing to stop these attacks. In fact, in the midst of some of the most hate-filled protests to date, Schwarzenegger urged those opposing marriage by saying “don'
t give up” and then calling on the state Supreme Court to overturn the constitutional amendment as unconstitutional!

Emergency Petition To Gov. Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger is acting in a lawless manner – refusing to accept even an amendment to the state constitution that has been affirmed by the people of California. And now his actions are inflaming hatred and animosity toward Christians and pro-marriage advocates and putting marriage supporters at risk!

s why Liberty Counsel has launched this Emergency Petition to Gov. Schwarzenegger demanding that he act immediately to quell this anti-marriage revolt which threatens the safety and well-being of pro-marriage citizens. Please sign to add your name to this petition.

The Petition States:

To: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
As a concerned citizen, I am signing this petition urging you to take immediate actions opposing the hate-filled anti-marriage protests that threaten the rule of law and the safety of pro-marriage citizens. Your actions to date have only added fuel to the fire of anti-marriage activists. Instead, as Governor, you must uphold the validity of the marriage amendment as voted upon by the people of California. Then, in the strongest possible terms, you must condemn the hate-filled protests and actions by anti-marriage advocates.   

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