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Courts Continue Homosexual Marriage Push!
Petition Opposing Connecticut Homosexual Marriage Ruling

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The Connecticut Supreme Court abandoned the rule of law and has become the third state to legalize homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is now the official law of the land in Connecticut and homosexuals and lesbians now have a “right” to get married.

Liberty Counsel has led the fight to stop the onslaught of the radical homosexual agenda that undermine marriage and family. But we need your help to urge Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, the state legislature and the people of Connecticut to fight the court'
s unconstitutional ruling.

  Your petition will be delivered to Connecticut Gov. Rell this month, urging her to stand behind her earlier opposition to homosexual marriage and use the authority of our position as governor to oppose this ruling and seek its reversal in the courts or legislature.

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As a concerned citizen, I am signing this petition opposing the Connecticut Supreme Court'
s ruling legalizing homosexual marriage. Activist judges have wrongly overturned the clearly stated will of the people of Connecticut as expressed through the legislature.

I am asking state and federal leaders -- including Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell -- to join the effort calling for a suspension of this ruling and for its reversal through the courts or the legislature. It is time for supporters of marriage to take a stand against radical judicial activism that is undermining our way of life.  

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