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Stand Against Attacks on Public School Students, Teachers, Administrators, and School Systems!

Ultraliberal activists, pro-homosexual radicals, and anti-religious organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are bullying school systems, teachers, educators, and parents through unlawful "consent decrees," intimidation, and blatant misinformation campaigns.

Don't be misled by their carefully orchestrated attacks, censorship, and widespread propaganda!

That's why Liberty Counsel has developed an invaluable resource compiled through decades of experience defending the rights of educators, students, administrators, and community members from radical activists who want to suppress our precious freedom of religious expression in public settings.

The Patriot's Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools is a "Must-have" reference guide for every American!

*What are students' rights in public schools?
*What are educators' rights in public schools?
*What about religious liberty at graduation and other seasonal activities?
*What about religious groups meeting on school grounds?
*What are your rights as a parent or guardian of a student?
*What about public access to school buildings?

The Patriot's Handbook of Religious
Freedom in Public Schools is yours FREE!

Join hundreds of thousands of other concerned citizens declaring that you, too, are standing against the attacks on religious freedom in our nation's public school systems. When you sign our Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools, we will send you the Patriot's Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools at no charge! 

Liberty Counsel Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools

I have joined hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans in declaring that our nation's public schools must allow the full and free exercise of every American's First Amendment rights to free speech, free association, and religious expression. Americans don't leave their constitutionally guaranteed liberties at the schoolhouse door!

Further, holding responsible positions in public school systems does not require that one surrender his or her constitutional rights, including during private times outside of official duties. Neither must public employees forego their rights and duties to participate in the vibrant exchange of ideas that is at the heart of our constitutional republic for the sake of retaining positions in school systems or other public service.

Finally, there must never be restraints or prohibitions on any American expressing religious sentiments in public settings. There is no place in our democracy for anti-religious bigotry! I stand against the intentional manipulation of freedom in our nation by special interest groups intent on forcing the majority of Americans to give place and preference to values and lifestyles repugnant to our core values and way of life. We will not tolerate the use of publically-funded institutions to indoctrinate our youth in destructive viewpoints and actions that will inevitably destroy our culture!

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