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Petition Opposing Shariah in American
Courts and in Support of Liberty Counsel's
Demand Letter to Nashville's Hutton Hotel!

The Issue:
Shariah's infiltration into American courts -- the U.S. expression of a world-wide movement to overturn Western societies by the imposition of Islamic law and culture -- is quickly becoming the leading cultural and legal threat to our way of life. With increasing frequency, American courts and communities are submitting to Shariah in ways that directly undermine and subvert our Constitution.

As a public interest law firm, Liberty Counsel is taking aggressive action to stop the threat of Shariah -- both in the courtroom and the court of public opinion. Recently, Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, cancelled an important national conference on the impact of Shariah on the U.S. Constitution. In response to this unjustifiable act, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver -- one of the scheduled speakers -- sent a "Demand Letter" challenging Hutton Hotels' decision to censor the conference.

Sign Our Petition Opposing Shariah in American Courts!  

We are calling on citizens across the nation to join with Liberty Counsel in exposing and opposing efforts to implement Shariah here in America by signing our Citizen Petition. This petition is a clear statement of your opposition to legal and cultural efforts to impose Shariah, as well as your support of Liberty Counsel's Demand Letter to the Hutton Hotel.  

Shariah now represents a serious legal and cultural threat to our Constitution and our way of life. Please sign the petition today!   

The Petition: 

As a citizen of the United States, I am deeply concerned by efforts under way to subvert our Constitution and way of life through the imposition of Shariah in our legal system. Shariah is the proximate cause of oppression and suffering for millions of people worldwide and represents the greatest threat America currently faces from the radical Islamic agenda.I specifically oppose the admittance, recognition, or use of Shariah in any U.S. Courtroom or government jurisdiction. I also call on private institutions to resist pressures to cater to Shariah or its proponents.

I also support Liberty Counsel's Demand Letter of October 26, 2011, to the Hutton Hotel, an operating unit of Amerimar Enterprises, and call on Hutton Hotel to reverse its policy of suppressing the free speech rights of those who peacefully speak out about threats to our Constitution and the impact of recognizing Shariah in American courtrooms.    

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