Sign our “Open Letter of Outrage” to Shawano, Wisconsin, School District Superintendent Todd Carlson and the Shawano Board of Education

Shawano, Wisconsin, High School student Brandon Wegner, a 15-year-old, has been called “ignorant” by his school system’s superintendent, bullied, censored, punished, and held up to ridicule, all for writing an op-ed article explaining the Biblical view of homosexuality and supporting natural mother-father adoption. 

Americans are Outraged over the humiliation this teenager suffered at the hands of School Superintendant Todd Carlson, his principal, and other Shawano High School administrators!

This travesty exposes a badly flawed system of education that would allow a student to be ridiculed – a student that was in the right! Join us in exposing this superintendent and principal through our “Open Letter of Outrage” which will be delivered to the School Board and posted in the region’s newspapers.

Liberty Counsel is rallying tens of thousands of patriotic citizens who will sign the “Open Letter of Outrage” in support of student Brandon Wegner and his family.  

The Open Letter of Outrage States:

To: Superintendent Todd Carlson
CC: The Shawano School District Board of Education

Mr. Carlson,

We, the undersigned American citizens are morally outraged over your unconstitutional censorship, humiliation, threatening, and bullying of Brandon Wegner regarding his op-ed explaining his Biblically-based views on homosexuality and homosexual adoption.

While you were mocking this 15-year-old student, calling him “ignorant” for debating with you, YOUR ignorance was on full display by violating his First Amendment rights.

While you threatened Brandon with suspension for violating your school system’s bullying policy – you, in fact, had become the bully – for which we are now calling for a full and sincere apology.

While you humiliated and ridiculed Brandon, attempting to make an example of him, we are now holding you up to a similar experience before hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are now fully aware of your misguided tactics and ignorance of the basic constitutional rights held by every American.

Mr. Carlson – you are now exposed as an overbearing administrator using your position of public trust to censor and punish a student for his perfectly legal use of the Holy Bible as a reference for framing his worldview on an important current topic.


Concerned Citizens throughout the United States.

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