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Your signature is needed to tell Israeli and American leaders that...

"A rising tide of militancy is sweeping our region…"
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Rosh Hashanah – September 2012

As the nation of Israel faces an unprecendented number of rising Middle East threats, we affirm our longstanding relation to Israel and the Jewish people and we want America, Israel and the world to know we stand with Israel.

That’s why we are delivering a message of loyalty to our most staunch Middle East ally:
We Stand United With Israel!

Receive your FREE “Stand with Israel!” sticker for signing the letter and showing your support of Israel. This high-quality vinyl, easily removable 4-inch oval window or bumper sticker demonstrates that you are standing with Israel – and with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! Even better, by taking this stand, you’ll be proclaiming God’s faithful covenant to defend Israel and the Holy city of Jerusalem…and to also bless people like you that stand with Israel against her enemies! Even if you already have a sticker from a previous “Stand with Israel” campaign, you’ll want another to use on a second vehicle, share with a like-minded citizen, or place in a window or other prominent place!


This letter will be hand delivered along with your signature to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, and seven leaders of Congress.

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The letter states:  

An Open Letter to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice
Honorable Members of the United States Congress

We the undersigned American citizens, express our unwavering resolve to "Stand United with Israel."

We acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s God-ordained, undivided capital, knowing that Israel’s sovereignty will protect the holy sites of all faiths, rather than allowing them to come under control of Hamas terrorists who hate Jews and Christians alike.

We honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region, and are grateful for the vital intelligence and technological advances developed by Israel that have enhanced our own national security.

We encourage President Barack Obama, the State Department, Congress, and the whole body- politic of the United States of America to stand unwaveringly with Israel, without further sacrificing of Israel’s sovereignty, safety, security, or borders.


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