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Tell the 113th Congress:
"I Second the First"

We must join together to protect our Constitution and its precious First and Second Amendments, the very heart of every American's Bill of Rights, against radical attacks!

The Issue:
The First Amendment, ensuring Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, and Freedom of Religion, is being systematically dismantled and marginalized. The Second Amendment, guaranteeing the Right to Bear Arms, is under fire. The restraints on government power won by our Founders are being dismantled by a rogue administration intent on redefining the social contract between the People and their representatives!

President Obama and the Obama administration are sidestepping the House and Senate with Executive Orders (EO's) that mimic legislation.They are blatantly ignoring our constitutional system of checks and balances through attacks on our religious liberties, freedom of speech, and gun ownership rights using EO's to forward their statist agenda, the establishment of a "shadow government" of unaccountable, unvetted "czars," and numerous other subversions of our founding documents.

The Action:
"I Second the First" is Liberty Counsel's bold statement calling for a restoration of the rule of law – and the spirit of the law – as written in the Constitution of the United States.

"We the people" demand that our federal government returns to the rule of law as established by the United States Constitution!

Tens of thousands of concerned citizens are once again calling for a restoration of the spirit of the law as embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America.

When you sign our "I Second the First" petition, we will share your views – along with those of tens of thousands of your fellow concerned Americans – with our elected officials, government bureaucrats, the media, and those who care about the protections our Constitution affords all American citizens.

We will also send you a complimentary "I Second the First" bumper sticker that will remind everyone that these are amendments worth defending! 

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The "I Second the First" declaration states:   

To the Members of the 113th Congress

We, the People of the United States of America, demand that our President, our elected representatives, governmental appointees, judges and Justices, and any other government officials adhere to the authority and rule of law as defined by the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights. In this Citizen Petition, we especially demand respect for the First Amendment, ensuring Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, and Freedom of Religion, and the Second Amendment, guaranteeing every American's right to bear arms.

We demand that our federal government respect the balance of power as brilliantly established in the Constitution's framework. Congress must act accordingly to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected against an imperial presidency – including an action of impeachment, if necessary.

•We will not stand by and allow continued mockery and subversion of the Constitution by our President and his administration.
•We will not accept the continuous violations of our rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.
•We will not put up with any more unconstitutional "mandates" being forced through Congress or enacted by federal bureaucrats.
•We will not countenance any more judicial nominees who look to international law for precedent and view the Constitution as antiquated or out of date.
•We will not allow the United States' national or international policy to be dictated by ANY foreign entity, including the United Nations.


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